CNET Publisher App

An Android and iPhone app for publishing content

A content publisher for both android & ios

This is an internal company application intended for all CNET editors to quickly upload videos and photos to the company's image publisher. Editors utilize their cell phone's media library to upload content, and can add various descriptors in the app to any photos or videos.

Editors could add alt tags, keywords, and descriptions of all their media and also create galleries to manage their content. Since everything is done natively from their phone, editors found the application extremely useful in tradeshows, exhibitions, or any place on the go.

  • • Art Direction
  • • Visual Design
  • • UI Design

CNET Publisher is an internal application available for both Android cell phones and iPhones.

Various screens of the application.

(Left) Home screen. Editors choose to upload videos or photos. (Right) Once an editor selects an item (multiple can be uploaded) they add various descriptors to the content.

Examples of the uploading process.

Editors can look at their last 10 uploads. Date and a timestamp are applied to all content as well as a confirmation if theit is successfully uploaded. If the content fails to load, they could retry in the upload process or come to this page and retry at a more convenient time.

Start screens and application icon designs for both Android and iPhones.

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