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A tan wherever, whenever

Tantalize is a mobile spray tanning service that offers a luxurious tan in the comforts of your own home. The company is run one by one busy owner who drives to each individual clients' house to provide her service. It was clear that the owner didn't want her business to be associated with the negative connotations that sometimes plague her industry; e.g. bright orange tans, superificiality etc. Her mission is to enhance the beauty and self-confidence of clients, rather than to just spray color on skin.

  • • Art Direction
  • • UI Design
  • • Brand Identity
  • • HTML/CSS

This main intro image is illustrative and meant to emphasize the business model that this is a mobile spray tan service, rather than a typical tanning establishment. The map, along with the brand identity associated with it, strengthens the idea that this is a service that will come to you on your time and schedule.

Different than the rest

As a brand, the owner wanted something retro and nostalgic to set her business apart from others in her field. We worked on a pinup style logo and brand identity that was playful and fun, along with a web color palette that evoked the feeling of bronze skin. A single page website design was created to help clients understand her services as well as lead them to booking an appointment.

The logo was meant to playful and cheeky (pun very much intended) with a retro pinup style. Illustration by Kenneth Lee.

Tantalize typography

The "How it Works" section consists of simple imagery and a slider to demonstrate the steps of how the service works.

The "Preparation" section has simple DOs and DONTS to help clients understand what is expected before and after tanning.

The "Photos" section is meant to mimic embedded photographs in an album. Both the examples of work and the equipment photos are lightboxes which allow users to see large multiple images.

"Pricing" section displaying group, individual, and add-on pricing meant to clearly label and distinguish each service or product.

The "Book an Appointment" section is a highly visual and functional form with validation and confirmation. The design was meant to feel less like a formal contact and rather a friendly letter.

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